Bible Prophecy

The Bible is the key to understanding the past, present, and future.  A large percentage of the Bible (about 1/3rd of it) is devoted to prophecy.  Fulfilled prophecy is one of the most powerful proofs that the Bible truly is the Word of God. 

2 Peter 1:20 says: “Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.” 

No scripture can be interpreted apart from other passages of scripture.  All scripture has one correct interpretation, although it may have several applications.

In this section we want to answer 7 questions about Bible Prophecy:

1. What are 7 Signs Jesus gave to Indicate the End of the Age?

2. What are 7 Requirements Jesus gave to indicate the End of the Age?

3. Who will the Two Witnesses of Revelation Be?

4. Who is Babylon the Great in Revelation?

5. Who will the 10-Kingdom Power of Revelation be?

6. Are we in the Rapture Generation?

7. How will Satan try to explain away the Rapture?