How will Satan attempt to explain away the Rapture?

I believe it will be through the UFO deception.  I believe the Anti-Christ will claim to be half-human and half-alien; and will claim the “fundamental Christians” had to be zapped off the earth because they were holding back the advancement of the human race.  I believe these “UFO” craft will be seen everywhere.  Can you see the headlines: “Millions Missing Around the Earth!”

Look at these statements:

“…I sincerely believe that extraterrestrials are not aliens from another planet or galaxy, but are instead fallen angels here to undertake a diabolical plan that is more sinister than any alien invasion.

These extraterrestrial fallen angels are setting us up for the coming great deception where those people left behind when the body of Christ is caught up to be with Him in the air during the harpazo (rapture) will believe that those who have suddenly vanished were abducted by UFOs.

People will more readily believe that millions of suddenly missing persons have been abducted by UFOs than that they are in the clouds with Jesus, especially if the skies are filled with UFOs at the time.”

Stephen Yulish PhD

Jeff McGuire in The Prophecy Student said: “Imagine a world-wide blackout, millions of people vanishing, and Satan allowing his minions to materialize in ‘saucers’ in the skies over all major cities!  You can see how easily an alien abduction explanation could be accepted.”

Heard on a Catholic radio station:

Several years ago, on a Catholic radio station, the comparison was made between Noah’s Flood and the Rapture.  Jesus said: “But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.”  Matthew 24:37

The announcer said that in Noah’s Flood the good guys were left, the bad guys taken away.  The man representing the Catholic Church said the taking away in the Rapture would be a form of punishment.

Actually, in Noah’s flood, the good guys were taken up from off the earth, the bad guys were left behind to suffer God’s wrath in the flood.

Look at this statement:

“In fact, the whole scenario of the Left Behind Rapture being popularized today seems much more a UFO phenomenon than something that comes from God.  Surely the devil coming to "catch up" so-called Protestant believers would be a more viable hypothesis than the innovative theory that these same folks will fly up to meet Christ in Heaven to conveniently escape the great tribulation and punishment of the last days…”

In February of 2004, Popular Mechanics had this on the cover: “WHEN UFOs ARRIVE – What Will You Do? – The U.S. Government Already Has A Multimillion Dollar, Top Secret Plan Ready To Go”

That we are even having this discussion owes much to the theory of Evolution.  Without people believing life evolved, they wouldn’t accept that it evolved out there first.  Is the theory of evolution just a stepping stone for Satan to be able to bring in a much greater deception?