"But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:"

1 Peter 3:15

Dr. Arv Edgeworth and his wife Marti


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New Prophecy book!

"Perilous Times Shall Come - A Fictional Novel on the End Times"   By Dr. Arv Edgeworth

Although a fictional novel, this book attempts to open a window for us, and allow us to see how God may be fulfilling the prophetic scriptures and bringing them to life all around us, in ways we might not have recognized.

Is America indicated in Bible Prophecy?  What deception will Satan try to use to cover up the Rapture?  What diabolical plans are going on behind the scenes that could reshape the future of our world?


Satan is the master counterfeiter (“I will be like the Most High” Isaiah 14:14).  Whatever God is, has, or does; Satan is going to try to counterfeit it in some way.  How will all of this play out in the end time scenario?  Over 40 years of research went into the writing of this book.  All scripture quotations are from the King James Bible.

WestBow Press - A Division of Thomas Nelson and Zondervan 

You can preview the first 44 pages of the book by clicking on this link:


This book retails in bookstores for $17.95.  I am making it available to you for $15.00, plus $1.50 S & H.  Total price: $16.50.


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4 of my Creation vs Evolution videos in MP4 format.

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Other materials on the flash-drive include:

12 books I have written

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      (10 Things God Cannot Do; Does Man Have a Free Will; How to Have a

      Healthy Church; Keeping the JOY in Your Marital JOurneY; Roman’s Road

      Relationships; Sign Gifts; What Can We Learn About God from Exodus; What

      is Biblical Faith; What is Biblical Repentance; etc.)

The slides are not copyrighted, and neither are the teaching lessons, and you can use them any way you want.  Please make these materials your very own and personalize them.  You will not find better quality PowerPoint slides anywhere.

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Arv Edgeworth

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